Brain Display

An opacity reigns over the Pavilion - the solid engine of thought – and once through the mist and inside there is a warehouse room of grouped objects connected to 50 keywords. These words are chosen in collaboration with a select group of his collaborators with the idea that they are vital and relevant to dissect and redefine our present moment. Some of these objects come from the archive which has been amassed and preserved over the past 25 years, while others have been specially selected or suggested by others for the project.

The relationship between the grouped objects and each word is tentative, hesitant, and provisional, and clear associations may or may not arise from them. During the course of the exhibition the objects may be rearranged and moved from one group to another, or new ones could be added. By mimicking the subdivisions of the mind, the intention is that these grouped objects, connected to individual words, will be processed in each viewer’s mind and the result will be something similar to a very advanced, hyper-technological dimension. What at first sight could be considered ‘archaic’ will turn into the most advanced augmented reality.