Beatriz Ramos

Beatriz Ramos /

Beatriz is an artist, a social anarchist, a technologist and the creator of, the only visual conversation platform where people from all over the world speak to each other through drawings, in spite of language, distance, nationality or other artificial boundaries, to make collaborative art. The platform itself is a work of art. The DADA collective’s live drawing performances have been shown at events and galleries around the world, including soon, at Tate Modern in London.
Beatriz uses blockchain technology, economics and governance as the base of her work. She is creating an alternative economic system for DADA, in which art making is decoupled from art sale transactions, allowing artists to create and experiment freely while receiving a passive income for their contribution to the community. 
Prior to DADA, Beatriz founded Dancing Diablo, an Emmy-winning animation studio with offices in New York and Caracas, where she directed over a hundred videos for some of the biggest brands in the world including Coca Cola, Jet Blue, Macy’s, Ralph Lauren and Hasbro. Before Diablo, Beatriz worked as a visual artist at MTV and Disney and made editorial illustrations for the New York Times.
Beatriz was born in Venezuela where she went to art school. She is a New Yorker and currently, a digital nomad.