Clio Nicastro

Clio Nicastro /

Clio Nicastro (Italy, 1984) researcher, writer, fellow ICI in Berlin. Nicastro received her PhD in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts from the University of Palermo and has been a visiting student in the Institute of Art and Visual History at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where she has worked on Aby Warburg (forthcoming with Aesthetica Preprint). After her MPhil in Philosophy at the University of Palermo she gained a Level II Master’s degree in Sociology at Roma Tre University. In 2015 she moved to Berlin as a DAAD postdoctoral fellow (Research Grant for Young Academics and Scientists). She has presented papers at several international conferences, including at La semaine Rancière at the University of Calabria and the International Symposium of the Swiss Philosophical Society.