Deniz Utlu

Deniz Utlu /

(Hannover, 1983)
Deniz Utlu studied economics with philosophical emphasis in Berlin and Paris. In 2003 he founded the culture and society magazine freitext, which he edited until 2013. In 2014 his first novel Die Ungehaltenen was published and in 2015 it was adapted for stage in Maxim Gorki Theater. In different literary events he dealt with the relationship between literature and politics, for example with the series Prosa der Verhältnisse in Studio Я of Maxim Gorki Theater. Beside his work on the novel, he also wrote theater plays, poetry, short prose and essays. His work was rewarded several times, for example with Kranichsteiner Literturförderpreis (Schülerjury) and a residency fellowhsip at Villa Tarabya in Istanbul. His second novel Gegen Morgen was published at Suhrkamp Verlag in September 2019. He received the literature prize of the city of Hannover in 2019.