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Dominic Perini Scalability Architect and Technical Lead at Erlang Solutions Ltd. since year 2015.
Co-Founder and Director at the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.
Founder of a new organisation focusing on researching into novel approaches for highly customisable Smart Contracts. Industry expert in horizontal scalability, parallel executions, functional programming and distributed data consistency models.
Led successfully the backend development team for Sony Playstation’s Little Big Planet: largest franchise with 16M users, 12M User Generated missions, BAFTA nominated.
Led a blockchain R&D team for a Global Credit Card payment provider: 4K Transactions Per Second, targeting more than 15k worldwide connected financial institutions, patents registered.
Led a NLP R&D project for a police investigation consortium in partnership with New Scotland Yard Metropolitan Police and Police of Madrid.
Architected and developed the SenseGraph system and contributed to its scientific advancement from 2004 to 2019.
Invented, designed and implemented a full stack animated online virtual world social entertainment application: a pioneer project which included the possibility to impersonate a virtual character, draw objects, trade them over an ecommerce service, engage in dialogues with other virtual characters or A.I. partners.
Contributed to the design of an OSI model for horizontal linear scalability and it’s API definitions as an evolution of the Erlang OTP design pattern.
Worked as consultant architect for a number of organisations including BBC, Telecom Italia and Vocalink (Mastercard). Developed a Genetic Algorithm library and used off the shelf Neural Net based Deep learning technologies.