Hephzibah Israel

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Hephzibah Israel is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Edinburgh. Hephzibah’s research explores the cultural history of South Asia, focusing on the politics of acts of translation in literary, language and religious contexts. She researches the effects of the encounter of different conceptualizations, practices and functions of translation in colonial and contemporary South Asia. She is passionate about developing critical thinking in her students in these areas. She loves translating as much as she loves talking about translation and its effects. She has authored Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation and the Making of Protestant Identity (2011) and has edited the Routledge Handbook of Translation and Religion (forthcoming, 2023). She has guest edited (with John Zavos) a special section on Indian traditions of life-writing on religious conversion (2018) for the journal South Asia; (with Matthias Frenz) a special issue on ‘Religion and Translation’ (2019) for the journal Religion; and a special issue entitled ‘Translation in India: Multilingual practices and cultural histories of texts’ (2021) for Translation Studies. She has been a part of several exciting collaborative research projects, from conversion accounts written and translated in colonial South Asia to colonial monuments in the European and colonial city spaces.