Ida Soulard

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Ida Soulard is an independent curator, PhD candidate in art history at l’ENS / PSL University (Paris) and artistic director of Fieldwork Marfa, an international research and residency project run by les beaux-arts de Nantes and HEAD-Genève. Her PhD dissertation is entitled: ‘A textile history of modernity: Anni Albers and the weaving workshop, from the Bauhaus to the Black Mountain College (1922-1965)’. In 2011 she co-founded a series of seminars and workshops entitled The Matter of Contradiction (2011-2013) and in 2012 co-initiated Glass Bead, a research platform and a journal launched in 2014. Glass Bead’s third issue is currently being uploaded as part of the Okayama Triennale’s program (curated by Pierre Huyghe, 2019). She collaborates and writes regularly with and for international artists. She is currently associate professor at les beaux-arts de Nantes and affiliated to HEAD-Genève.