Ingo Niermann

Ingo Niermann /

Ingo Niermann is a writer and the editor of the speculative Solution Series. His debut novel Der Effekt was published in 2001. Recent books include Burial of the White Main (with Erik Niedling, 2019), It’s Me! (with David Pearce, 2019), Solution 275-294: Communists Anonymous (ed., with Joshua Simon, 2017), Solution 257: Complete Love (2016), Solution 264–274: Drill Nation (2015), and Concentration (ed., 2015). In cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin Niermann started the international digital publishing project Fiktion. Based on his novel Solution 257: Complete Love (2016), Niermann initiated the Army of Love, a project that tests and promotes the redistribution of sensual love.