James Harrison

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James Harrison is Professor of Environmental Law at Edinburgh Law School, where he has been a member of staff since 2007. He holds a PhD and LLM from the University of Edinburgh and a LLB from the University of East Anglia. James has broad interests across a wide range of environmental law issues, which is reflected in the range of teaching activity that he carries out, including general courses on international environmental law and Scottish environmental law, as well as specialist courses on international ocean governance and the law of the sea. His teaching is often informed by his research, which particularly focuses on multi-level environmental governance and how international, national and sub-national legal regimes interact, sometimes synergistically to produce mutually reinforcing solutions to environmental challenges, but on other occasions creating tensions between different legal orders. Much of his research focuses on the legal framework for marine environmental protection, where these themes often play out in interesting and illuminating ways. He has written widely within this area, including on international and domestic fisheries law, global shipping regulation, and the legal framework for deep seabed mining. He also has a particular interest in environmental dispute settlement and the role of courts and tribunals in developing environmental rules. His research outputs include journal articles, book chapters, and two monographs: Making the Law of the Sea: A Study in the Development of International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and Saving the Oceans through Law: The International Legal Framework for the Protection of the Marine Environment (Oxford University Press, 2017). Alongside his academic work, he has acted as a legal adviser, consultant, or trainer for a number of governments, inter-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations.