Kathleen Bryson

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Kathleen Bryson received her PhD in Biological Anthropology from University College London (UCL) in 2017, and has taught evolutionary anthropology at UCL, the Westminster School, the City Literary Institute and ProCredit Academy. She specialises in studies of ambiguity tolerance in humans and other great apes, in particular evolutionary theory applied to ingroup/outgroup distinctions, including human-animal and human-machine alterities. In addition to a space-themed solo 2019 painting exhibition at the Royal Institution on the subject of scientific and anthropological cosmologies — one of the space paintings earning an Instagram “heart” from Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins on the 50th Anniversary of the moon landings — she has had three novels of speculative fiction published, the most recent being The Stagtress (Fugue State Press, 2019). She is teaching “Outer Space in the Popular Imagination” at UCL Department of Anthropology in Spring 2020 as part of the Extra-Terrestrial Anthropology course. She can be contacted via