Stephan-Eloise Gras

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Stéphan - Eloïse Gras is a Digital Humanities scholar and a professional in education & technology industries, working on digital cultures in a global frame. She is currently an affiliate researcher at MCC-NYU where she studies values in technological design in postcolonial contexts and teaches “Approaches of innovation from the global South”, “Introduction to digital humanities” and “Cultural history of the Internet” at CELSA-Sorbonne and Sciences-Po in Paris. She is also working as Director of Development in Africa for a leading online training and digital skills education platform in EMEA. 
Her book “Taste-maker machines: towards a global digital culture” traces the emergence of music recommendation algorithms and emotional tracking and analyzes the global implications of the attention economy. 
An open innovation and open science activist, Stephan-Eloise co-founded in 2016 Africa 4 Tech, a 72hs Bootcamp to source, design and code solutions to tackle some of Africa’s most significant challenges. She also initiated and is part of several initiatives that strive to create tech environments that are inclusive, critical and in sync with local ecosystems such as the festivals Futur.e.s in Africa, Kinnernet-Europe or, a blockchain-based platform that allows to register public domain art and contemporary cultural works.