Thomas Wallgren

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Thomas Wallgren (1948) is a sceptical activist. He grew up with underground performance art, asphalt punk and the Nordic ecological movement, one incarnation of the 20th century experiments with satyagraha, force of truth. Studies with Georg Henrik von Wright in Helsinki and with Jürgen Habermas in Frankfurt at the height of the modernism/postmodernism debate. Leaves academia. Teacher's diploma.
1990s: Solidarity missions to the Baltic countries. Pro-localisation, alter-globalisation, and anti-EU activism. Back to academia.
2000s: Work with Gandhian socialists from South Asia for the "Open Space" model of the World Social Forum. Chair, Corporate Europe Observatory, Helsinki Art Museum, Network Institute for Global Democratisation. City councillor in Helsinki, professor of philosophy, board member, University of Helsinki, director of The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives. Etc. 
Transformative Philosophy: Socrates, Wittgenstein and the Democratic Spirit of Philosophy was out in 2006 with Lexington. A co-edited book, Moral Foundations of Philosophy of Mind, is coming from Palgrave in October. 
Thomas still believes that Industrial Growth Society and Sustainable Development are killing the planet, that radical decoupling and localisation, social democratic reformism and non-violent struggle for just transition are all wonderful and necessary and that eco-feminists, Latin American pluriversalists and North Atlantic critical theorists can learn a great deal from Socratic readings of Sextus Empiricus and Wittgenstein and from non-sense rhymes and classical modernist poetry and theatre. 
Thomas lives in Helsinki. He tries always to learn new things about mushrooms and birds.